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Why ETCH24 ?

Because, it is The Smartest Business Card in The World.
Tap into the Future of Business Cards with ETCH24, A Smart Business Card for the Digital Age. The Most Durable & Practical Business Card Ever Made.

Embedded with radio frequency data transfer technology, ETCH24 will trigger an "Add to Contacts" action of your contact details when tapped against a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone.

ETCH24 is a premium business card agency,

We area privately-owned business set up based in Mumbai since 2019. Having lived in India where the corporate sector is flourishing rapidly, traditional paper business cards have long been used as one of the most effective business tools.

Our company focuses on blending the virtues of traditional business card with the touch of technology to it.

The conceptualisation started when we personally began receiving business cards and sharing our business cards amongst our colleagues and peers.

The realisation smited, as to how many people would take the effort of preserving our business cards and by the time they would actually feel the need to review it, the condition of the paper business card would be soiled, or they might lose it, or they might stack it up somewhere with numerous other documents.

Our inquisitivity led us to reading and researching more about personalised business card,

According to statistical data out of 88% business cards received by the corporate and working groups, only 2% of contact details of business cards are saved in to the phone.

We decided to come up with ETCH24 a personalised business card that is compatible with almost all the smart phones and iOS phones.

ETCH24 business card lets you transfer your contact details to your colleague with one tap or one scanand without having to physically give the card away.

Our premium business card is a onetime investment for our clients as you can transfer your data, numerous times with numerous people you meet throughout your day.

Policy and philosophy:

We strongly believe in ethics and understanding the needs of our clients, we value every client and we are privileged to work on personalised product of our clients.

The policy of ETCH24 pirouettes around customising and delivering the finest quality product to our clients. We focus on delivering premium card that will create a mark and make our clients stand out and at the same time fit in the technologically driven era.